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Invest in culture

Increase of investment attractiveness of the Ulyanovsk region through the culture and attracting business resources in the cultural projects today is one of the priorities of the industry as a whole and the activities of the Foundation "Ulyanovsk - the Capital of Culture" in particular.

Three investment schemes were developed to implement the cultural projects that represent various legal mechanisms for the use of private funds:

- the contest for the right to conclude the concession agreement;

- the mechanism of "redemption" (the project is carried out within the framework of a bilateral agreement between the regional administration and the investor. The purpose of the contract is the purchase of the building.);

- the organization of a tender to select a managing company for the transfer of municipal property in the long-term rent.

Operating principles:

- Preparation of documents;

- the support of the investment projects;

- providing advice: legal, tax, to rent.