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The implementation of the project "Ulyanovsk – UNESCO city of literature" has begun

The implementation of the project "Ulyanovsk – UNESCO city of literature" has begun Since January 2016 "Ulyanovsk – Capital of Culture" Foundation as a development institution has been actively working on the implementation of the project "Ulyanovsk – UNESCO City of Literature".

At the end of December Ulyanovsk received the status of "City of Literature" in the framework of the UNESCO creative cities network. Today it is the only city to represent Russia in the Network. This victory has become the result of two years’ work of the initiative group consisting of representatives of "Ulyanovsk – Capital of Culture" Foundation, the Department of Culture and Leisure of the Ulyanovsk City Administration, the Ministry of Art and Cultural Policy of the region, regional and city libraries and creative residents who have worked on the application for participation in the program "UNESCO Creative Cities Network". It reflects the rich cultural heritage of the Ulyanovsk region in the field of literature, major literary projects that have been regularly implemented on the territory of the region, cultural and economic potential of the area allowing the city to express itself on a global level.

The Governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov underscores the importance of this event for the region noting that this indicates the international recognition of the Ulyanovsk region as a territory which considers culture as one of its top priorities and uses it as a resource for sustainable development.

Currently, "Ulyanovsk – Capital of Culture" Foundation has started active work on realization of the program "Ulyanovsk – City of Literature" in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. At the moment, the preliminary negotiations have been held with the experts who have for several years in a row participated in the International Cultural Forum in Ulyanovsk that is held under UNESCO auspices. Additionally, a series of meetings have been held with potential partners whose countries have cities that are also included in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

In particular, in February Ulyanovsk was visited by the Cultural Counsellor of the Estonian Embassy in Moscow, Dimitri Mironov, who had a working meeting with the Minister of Arts and Cultural Policy and "Ulyanovsk – Capital of Culture" Foundation staff.

"In 2015, the city of Ulyanovsk and the Estonian city of Tartu at the same time joined the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the field of "Literature". We are ready to cooperate in this matter with Estonia. We have a rich literary heritage, extensive experience in carrying out both large-scale themed events and exhibitions for small publishers. We are open for cooperation in this direction", – commented the Minister of Arts and Cultural Policy Tatiana Ivshina.

"In terms of collaboration I see, first, the Department of Russian Literature at Tartu University, associated with the name of the famous Yuri Mikhailovich Lotman and semiotics. This is a direct reference to Russia as a whole and to Ulyanovsk as the city included in the list of UNESCO Creative Cities," said Dimitri Mironov in an interview with the editors of the site ulkul.ru.

Reminder: "Ulyanovsk – Capital of Culture" Foundation, as a development institution, is the official partner for promotion of this program in the region, and by the order of the Ministry of Arts and Cultural Policy of the Ulyanovsk region it also coordinates all international activities in the field of culture.

Foundation "Ulyanovsk – Capital of Culture" is responsible for the choice and the presentation of the facts and opinions in this press releases, wich are not necessarily those of UNESCO and do not commit the Organization.

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