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The Ulyanovsk literary festival “The Word” won a grant from the President of Russia

The Ulyanovsk literary festival “The Word” won a grant from the President of Russia The foundation “Ulyanovsk – Capital of Culture” in partnership with Karamzin’s support of cultural and historical heritage foundation received financial support in the amount of 1,5 million rubles for the organization of the event.

For the first time the literary festival “The Word” was held in Ulyanovsk in 2015 as a part of the V International Cultural Forum “Creative Region – Powerful Country”, it also became one of the main events of the Russian Federation Year of Literature in the region. Within 8 days of the festival more than 3000 people took part in it.

This year we are planning to conduct two festivals: “The Word. Volume Two”, which will be held on September 4-11 as a special event of the VI International Cultural Forum, and “The Word. Volume Three” on December 6-12 as a special event of the Year of the 250th anniversary of Karamzin’s birth. The program of the event will include contests, workshops, round table discussions, meetings with the leading litterateurs of our time, Russian and foreign book presentations, screenings and theatrical shows based on literary works etc.

“The victory in the presidential contest means a lot to us. This year the festival “The Word” will be a part of the ICF, which will be held in Ulyanovsk on September 15-16, as it happened the year before. The presidential grant is an opportunity to conduct the biggest event in the framework of the Forum using additional funds”, - Galina Muromtseva, the head of the “Ulyanovsk – Capital of Culture” foundation, said.

We want to remind you that on the initiative of the region’s governor Sergey Morozov lots of big thematic projects got the start as a part of the Year of Literature in the Ulyanovsk region. Due to that in December 2015 the region got the title “Literary Flagship of Russia” with Ulyanovsk being the only Russian city to become one of the UNESCO Cities of Literature. That is why the theme of the VI International Cultural Forum 2016 will be promotion of reading and literature. 
Besides the festival “The Word” two other projects from the Ulyanovsk region got financial support. They were “Bryandino – the crossroads of history” aimed at the development of the exploratory movement and the conduction of search operations based on the events of the Civil War 1918 and “The heritage of Repka master” aimed at the creation of the vine weaving workshop in Akshuat, Barysh district.

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